Streamline and Simplify

Improve dealership process and communication.


Transparent Processes

Open visibility to all of the deals being processed allows for the measurement of all user’s productivity and accuracy. Filter by locations, sales person, steps, and dates to determine productivity. Focus management on those that fall outside set guidelines.

Accountability and Improved Teamwork

Opening the lines of communication between departments and giving all user’s view of time stamping when deals move into another user’s step makes everyone accountable for their part in processing a sale.

Expedite Sales

With Wi-Fi and Sedona Workflow your sales people can complete the sale and finalize forms out in the field. This gives your sales force more time to be face to face with their customers resulting in increased sales.

Increased Productivity

Eliminate redundant data entry. Forms are auto populated with many fields from JDQuote2 which increases the speed of each step. Which then causes a chain reaction of sending the paperwork to other steps in the sales flow almost instantaneously. Returning forms for corrections is just as fast.

Structured and Consistent Practices

Whether you are one location or many, Sedona Workflow provides a consistent sales process and structure that is followed by all employees in all locations so that all users process their part of the sale the same way.

Optimized Revenue Retention

No more missed opportunities to gain more revenue by saving money. Settlements can be made quickly so no incentives are missed, trade payoffs are on time, and interest charges are stopped on sold machines all of which could save you thousands of dollars.

Quick Search

Electronic files and storage of all documents associated with a sale are archived efficiently making accessibility to documents a snap, no more shuffling through papers on your desk or looking up past deals in file boxes in the attic.

Communication Hub

No need to transfer documents between locations or offices – Sedona Workflow provides one hub for all sales documentation electronically.
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  It’s very rare that products exceed your expectations but, Sedona’s Sales Workflow product has done just that. We are VERY pleased!  

Mike O'Malley, O'Malley Equipment

LandMark Implement has been using Sedona's Workflow product for a number of years now.  Sedona Sales Workflow ensures timely processing from our Sales Staff which allows us to meet special program and finance deadlines.  We have customized our process flows so ordering becomes fail proof, and maintains accountability.  Sedona Workflow is our "secret sauce" when it comes to making the sale.

Brian Martin, LandMark Implement, Inc.

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